Why TRADEofficer?

Because this is the only way to invest successfully

There can be no success without knowledge and understanding of the trade. This is why many people turn to bank or investment advisors. But people are fallible. But if you want to act autonomously with system and the help of algorithms, TRADEofficer is the right place for you. We offer the solution far away from the market blatant super-yield promises, the fund manager or the robo-advisor. Because we believe that nothing is as successful as actively improving one's trading and investing responsibly. Instead of relying on one's own feelings, one must rely on well-founded analyses. Instead of spending your time in front of the screen, you need to respond to clever investment recommendations.

It's very simple. With us.

Invest like a fund manager

No more reading coffee grounds in the stock chart, a hot tip from your neighbour or the firm belief that the share price is still recovering. The decision-making process for a trading strategy must look like this, and not otherwise. 

Based on systematic calculations and analytical procedures, we can predict market behavior with certain probabilities. You will receive our investment proposals with sufficient advance notice and the exact price markers for entry.

The adaptive trading system

TRADEofficer follows a quantitative approach: proven mathematical-statistical methods were supplemented by a technical (indicator) analysis and extended by fundamental aspects.

Ten complementary strategies (mechanical, computerized and discretionary strategies) are combined into one trading system. An algorithm developed by us adapts to the respective global stock market conditions and thus weights the individual strategies within the trading system on a monthly basis. It thus reacts independently and adaptively to bull, bear and sideways markets. The big advantage? The entire system correlates much less with the major indices such as S&P500 and DAX.

Do not make Behavioral Finance mistakes

"I buy Daimler, I know my way around." - one of the most common mistakes is still to buy stocks because the companies behind them are known or seem likeable. And even an investment that is sometimes on everyone's lips does not necessarily have to be an indicator of a good investment. With TRADEofficer there are qualified recommendations even for stocks that are not given enough attention.

The second big mistake: Once you have invested, you no longer observe objectively. "The stock is recovering" is often said, although from a purely chartist point of view everything speaks against it.

Third mistake: Act out of boredom. You sit in front of the computer, but most of the time hardly anything happens. This tempts you to invest after all. Rarely successful.

You can counteract these three errors with TRADEofficer.

TRADEofficer helps private investors to participate in the stock market transparently and sustainably more successfully. With us you have access to the toolset of professional investors.

TRADEofficer helps private investors to participate in the stock market transparently and sustainably more successfully. Our offer enables you to Participation in the toolset of professional investors.

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What we promise you

Qualified signals from man-machine

Signals from experienced technical analysts and securities traders are supplemented by semi-automated systems based on algorithms. The combination of human know-how and the capabilities of autonomous trading programs leads to signal diversity and risk reduction.

Independent and full control

Whether you want to take advantage of a buying or selling opportunity is up to you. Do not blindly entrust a large amount of money to an asset manager, but keep full control of your trades.

Be efficient and have more time

To enter or exit at the right time, you need to keep an eye on the markets. But a large part of the time nothing happens. And when it does, you may not be at your computer, but in a meeting. TRADEofficer keeps an eye on the markets for you and tells you in time when it is worth entering or exiting.

At least 48 hours in advance

You receive the trading signals by push on your mobile phone or by e-mail and always have enough time to think about them. Hurried trading is a thing of the past and at the same time you improve your investment behaviour in the long run.

More diversified trading

Many investors still stick with German stocks or the stocks that everyone is trading. A classic Behavioral Finance mistake. The big players are betting on the less well-known stocks. They often do not find them. Our algorithms do.

More return, less risk

The low-risk and capital-preserving approach allows you to make the better decisions. How a coach trains and shows you TRADEofficer how you can act more intelligently and successfully yourself.

TRADER's magazine says:

"TRADEofficer delivers trading signals quickly and comprehensibly to the mobile phone. Thus users receive suitable purchase and sales opportunities in a modern way, without having to sit in front of the computer or wait for the next stock letter PDF.

TRADEofficer B2B: Offer your customers a better digital service

With TRADEofficer as a white-label solution, funds, brokers and family offices can offer their customers modern and digital services. We will be happy to inform you.

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TRADEofficer at a glance

All product features and your personal advantages when trading with TRADEofficer at a glance.

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In this recording of the webinar "TRADEofficer compact" we explain our service and answer questions from our customers.

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