Performance and return

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If you are looking for the highest return, you have come to the wrong place. We work according to the same principles as family offices and investment advisors and give equal weighting to the risk component.


Transparent presentation of performance and all key figures enables you to better assess your investments. So you don't lie to yourself, but always have an overview.

Risk arm

Beginners only look at the yield. Professionals always look at the risk first. TRADEofficer focuses on low-risk strategies and capital preservation.

Recording and documentation

All trading signals are visible and comprehensible. They are recorded, verified and stored using a multiple recording and documentation system. You can check the trades, the track record, the achieved returns of the closed trades as well as the book profits or - if applicable - the book losses of the not yet closed trades and ratios at any time.

  • Sample portfolio with Interactive Brokers with all standard market transaction costs, bid-ask spread, slippage and gaps.
  • Internal servers (each action receives a unique ID, which is tracked on our servers)
  • Excel evaluations and account statements
Our attitude

Among others, we comply with the recognized guidelines of the Performance Presentation Standards (PPS) and the ethical guidelines for the German capital market for harmonizing the calculation of performance results in investment consulting (DVFA-PPS). In order to ensure even greater comparability and transparency, we go beyond the guidelines for asset managers required in some cases.

Only about 1% of financial institutions, banks, investment companies and asset managers worldwide adhere to it. Politicians had pressed for these standards to become legally binding, but a voluntary commitment was then agreed. See above for the sequence. For us, this standard applies as a matter of course.

How are yield and key figures to be understood?

Nobody speaks of 1000 % return, overperformance and risk. If you have ever been presented with promising key figures only to find that they are not reflected in your account, this is due to the "creative" tricks of the financial industry.

This white paper explains how to calculate and rank returns and ratios correctly, how to avoid the embellishment measures of the marketing departments of funds and family offices in the future, what standards you should pay attention to.

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TRADEofficer specific algorithm and extended key figures

TRADEofficer has also developed its own derivation of the Capital Asset Prcing Model (TO-CAPM) according to the basic thinking of William Sharpe. This overall portfolio beta factor, which was developed specifically for the trading system, measures the correlation coefficient for the trading system to the S&P 500. In addition, a specially developed algorithm, which was also developed in-house, automatically weights the ten different strategies within the integrated trading system. 

Legend: -• Capital Development TRADEofficer -• Capital development DAX

You will not only see excess returns over the DAX, but also the smoother capital curve, i.e. less capital losses in the weak stock market years (2002/2003 and 2008/2009).