Really don't miss a trading opportunity anymore. Brand new in Europe, trading signals are now available to TRADEofficer users via WhatsApp on request.

WhatsApp is the most frequently used service. Recently the messenger service has reached the 2 billion users worldwide. The advantage: WhatsApp messages are read within 3 minutes on average. In-App notifications, on the other hand, can be lost.

Not so good at announcing trading signals. Therefore TRADEofficer now offers to receive announcements about good entry and exit signals also via WhatsApp. The special thing. TRADEofficer uses the latest WhatsApp business functions, so that the messages receive buttons and lead directly to the web interface.

To receive notifications via WhatsApp, simply log in to the web interface, enter the appropriate telephone number under Settings and activate the service. Two clicks and the notifications will be sent via a secure company account.

Here again the individual steps are described.

This makes TRADEofficer the first FinTech in Europe to offer this service.