Our manifesto

We stepped up to make it better. We innovate. We're making new. In doing so, we remain true to our principles, according to which we work and to which we are committed: Honesty, transparency, autonomy and personal responsibility. We act according to this mindset. So that we never forget, we have written a manifesto.


Do not trust any single strategy. Not even your own. Because it worked yesterday, it will not necessarily work tomorrow.


Do not follow a guru. Not a fund manager. Not a bank consultant. No other trader. Only you yourself know your personal investment goals, your assets and your risk tolerance.


Resist the greed. The long-term realistic return is your true friend.


Do not leave your decision to anyone else. Only statistics, probabilities, quantitative concepts and a pinch of fundamental analysis have a say.


Do you want to be right or do you want to make money?


Question. Be critical. To everything and everyone. Even himself. To consistently outperform the market during the stock market phase: Only a critical mind can do this.


Get yourself a hobby. Golf, restoring vintage cars or sailing are fun. But please not the financial markets.


Statistics is your friend. Probability calculation even your best. Not every trader can be a winning trade. A long journey of events that are more positive than negative in sum (without statistical outliers) is the secret. You don't think so? Then you'd better play the lottery: Low stakes with extremely low probability of occurrence. This is entertaining, but then it has nothing to do with asset building.


If someone has a hot and safe tip for you... ...keep it to yourself.


Don't get hectic. Never. The stock market will still be there tomorrow.

Our manifesto is also available in printed form. Would you like one? Sure thing!

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