The idea behind TRADEofficer

In times of financial crisis and loss of confidence, we wanted to develop a product that would enable people to act transparently and responsibly on the financial markets. Something that lies between blatant super-yield promises and the option of simply leaving everything to the bank or a fund manager. Our primary goal was to improve the trader's own actions and thus learn self-responsibility. TRADEofficer is the result. With it, we help private investors to participate more successfully in the stock market in the long term, because we have equipped them with the toolset of professional investors.

Successful on the stock exchange also as a private investor? Yes, that is possible!

The truth is, most private investors fail on the stock market. 80 percent to be precise. The reasons are many and varied. Some are based in behavioural economics. Overconfidence, fear and greed often lead to irrational decisions. This is why many decide to place blind trust in funds, investment recommendations from third parties or copy trading. But none of this helps them to act more autonomously in the long term and to improve their own investment behaviour.

TRADEofficer supports you in making better investment decisions. Instead of continuing to listen to hot stock market tips from acquaintances, the recommendation of your banker or the yield promise of the next stock market letter, you will receive qualified signals from automated and semi-automated systems.

This is us

The TRADEofficer team

Stephanie WissmannCEO

Stephanie trades on the markets herself and had the idea for TRADEofficer. Because when it comes to mobile marketing, innovation, trends and digital lifestyle, there is no stopping her. For ten years she has been intensively involved with the changes in the financial industry. Outside of TRADEofficer she is the first contact person for marketing and innovation topics and also works as a speaker and author. Currently she is doing her doctorate at the University of Salzburg and is a lecturer at the Munich Business School.

Harry Green IceCTO

Harry is master of the app. He has programmed the backend, knows APIs like no other and is responsible for security, performance and that the systems always run. He brings over twenty years of experience in programming software and baking processes in the financial services industry. Harry studied computer science and enjoys programming.

Oliver Wißmannchief of trading

Oliver is responsible for the selection of traders, the quality assurance of the signals and also trades himself. He is an experienced trader and financial analyst. With the GeVestor publishing house he is responsible for the range options, is regional manager Munich of the association of technical analysts of Germany, author and founder of the Blogs Bullentrader. Oliver has made a name for himself as a well-known speaker on financial topics with columns at Börse Online and Focus Money.

Jovanacustomer success

Jovana has a degree in German and is responsible for everything to do with customer support, inquiries and requests.


Ferdinand is responsible for everything concerning the organisation. With his background in history and political science, he has an eye for everything important.

TRADEofficer has brought the best in the industry on board. It's all about mutual exchange: The established ones learn from the fast FinTech and the forward thinkers get input from a young company.

advisory board

Selected industry experts advise TRADEofficer right from the start.

Dr. Jutta KrienkeAdvisory Board Member

With over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, 17 of which alone as a specialist and divisional manager of large insurance companies such as Allianz, Talanx or Versicherungskammer Bayern. Dr. Jutta Krienke brings her rich experience in management, agile, digitalization, IT and product management to the table.

Alexander SpreerAdvisory Board Members and Partners

Alexander Spreer has many years of experience in asset management and wealth management. He is a Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA) and holds a Master of Financial Technical Analysis (MFTA). Together with the team of iQquant GmbH he works on innovative quantitative research and researches new investment processes.

We lined up to make it better

We have written a manifesto about our principles and what we stand up for.

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