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Your personal investment advisor as app and on the web

TRADEofficer is everything you need to invest smarter. At the same time, they are getting better every day and at the same time remain autonomous.

Which stocks, funds, futures or ETFs are the right choice now? And, when do you have to sell them? Nobody is immune to human misconduct on the stock exchange and your bank advisor unfortunately does not always have your best interests in mind, but sometimes simply his commission. Make yourself independent now.

Our patent pending investment system finally makes this possible. Do not miss any trading opportunity and invest successfully.

Our TRADEofficer toolset for successful trading

App for push notifications

Qualified trading signals directly to your smartphone via alerts. With sufficient advance notice, timeline and real-time performance.

Web access for detailed analyses

Overview of all trading signals, single values and detailed signal lists as well as all profit and loss values for self analysis.

Overview by mail at the end of the trading week

All signals of the week clearly summarized in a PDF. Includes analysis data on investment horizon and total number.

NEW: Trading signal per WhatsApp

You will receive a WhatsApp message when an important trading signal occurs. Secured via your profile.

Asset classes:

In which financial instruments would you like to invest?

Diversification and portfolio management are decisive success factors and important for risk minimization. We therefore also recommend investing in several asset classes.


Invest in companies that you might not otherwise have on the radar.


Set to Indexes instead of single values.


Recommendations for funds as a supplement.


Bundled investments are good for diversification. 

NEW: Options

Acquire rights to purchase, but without obligation. 


Net - Performance
(net of transaction costs and slippage)


Maximum Draw Down


Profit factor


Probability of winning (including break-even trades)

We can also perform

And we are proud of that. Our current net performance (i.e. after deduction of transaction costs, slippage etc.) is 17%. The average draw down is only around 1%. You have long known what this means for you: namely that you can follow signals at any time without the risk of catching an "unfavourable" moment. Your capital is important to us. That is why we stand for transparency.

More about performance

Act more successfully, but with a system

Ever heard of 90-90-90? This is the sad investment truth: 90% of all investors lose 90% of their capital in 90 days. Why? Because you don't play the same game and are equipped like the big players in the market. Because you adhere to the personality cult instead of acting independently and acting emotionally rather than rationally.

Avoid Behavorial Finance mistakes with TRADEofficer and learn why a successful strategy alone is not enough.

More than a strategy

Step by step to success


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Simply enter your e-mail address here register and download the app from the App Store. After the successful activation you can start.


Define investor profile

Do you want to be notified when long, short or medium term trading signals occur? By e-mail or by push notification in the app? Would you like to receive a summary by email at the end of the week? You can easily customize your needs under the profile settings in the app or in the web log-in.


Receiving and investing signals

You receive the trading signals of your choice. The ones you find interesting and about which you would like to be kept up to date, you link. You will then be automatically notified when there is any news.

You want more than "just" the app?

Use our TRADEofficer web access at any time. It offers you an overview of all components for a detailed trade analysis.

TRADEofficer is your personal investment advisor. Our machine-based investment recommendations enable systematic and successful trading and on the stock exchange.Banks, brokers, asset managers, funds and family offices are using us as a white label to offer their clients better digital services.
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"I have come to know TRADEofficer as a provider who really brings a breath of fresh air to the market and thinks in new ways."

Dirk Albrecht, Managing Director Lenz + Partner
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